Albert Calet, Cluster Head


"I have known Joe since 2005. I was really impressed by his creativity and seriousness at work. He has this unique way of convincing and persuading people, I've never seen before. He is extremely knowledgeable and expert in his field, never over promises and always delivers on time. He is extremely consistent in his quality work output. Joe is a reliable, trustful and honest person. I highly recommend him."

Ahmed Elnaggar, TV Presenter


"I have never forgotten Joe's dedication to perfecting the jobs he was handed. He always produced good work on time. An able and creative person."

James Bartle, Creative Director


"Joe's effortless directing style ensured that a creative on point and on brand film was delivered to a very happy client. Joe has very strong cultural knowledge and was able to guide clearly on what content would work in the different markets that they would be shown."

Nas-Antoine Saad, Executive Producer


"Joe is an excellent team player and organized skilled collaborator. His dedication to the craft is exemplary and I recommend him for any task at hand."

Lyassin Chaoui, Executive Producer


"Joe is a clear minded person with a good vision for the future. He knows the people in town to bring the proper level of product to the right clients."

Ghina Abdallah, MENA Media Expert


"Joe is very dedicated and creative.. On several occasions, he delivered beyond expectations and his work for us has been quite impressive."

Hisham Dada, Senior Product Manager


"I believe Joe is an expert in his field. He has delivered outstanding services and concepts, especially with the project we worked together on for our Annual Sales meeting held in Barcelona."

Amaury Simon, Client Catalyst


"Joe is a very reactive creative person, getting efficient ideas in a second. It's always a pleasure working with him and sharing his wide cultural knowledge. Joe is loyal and that's what I like overall about him."

Elie Khoury, Leadership Coach


"If you have a product or a service and you need to build a story & message behind it so that you inspire others to adopt it, Joe is the passionate & communication expert who does it all (coaching, NLP, training, marketing, videos). He can do that to your personal relationship too! ;)"

Roxane Ferrer, Head of PR


"Joe Safi has successfully directed the realization of one of our big communications project. I recommend him for his experience, artistic talent and capacity to understand his clients' needs."

Greta Nardeschi, Senior Brand Manager


"I worked with Joe for the production of events videos for several luxury brands campaigns and corporate events. Great client service, endless creativity and amazing results...every time!"

Marianne Gladwin, Production Manager


"For the last 12 years, I've worked closely with Joe on many projects and I must say it's been a pleasure. His attention to detail and good humor are a great asset to any project."

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